Zhengzhou International Lighting And Lighting Exhibition 2020 (Autumn)

Issuing time:2020-06-06 00:47

Zhengzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Autumn), Zhengzhou International Expo Center, September 21-23, 2020

Scope of Exhibition:

Overall household lighting: crystal lamp, ceiling lamp, sound control lamp, aluminum lamp, chandelier, LED flat lamp, desk lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, craft lamp, children's lamp, flower lamp, cloth art lamp, wardrobe lamp, bath cabinet lamp, bath master lamp, intelligent induction lamp, multi-function remote control lamp, integrated ceiling lighting, etc.

Commercial lighting: LED lights, LED tape, LED point light source, LED guardrail tube, sky lantern, track light, metal halide light, bravery light, down light, stage light, spot light, fluorescent light, lamp string, lamp cup, emergency light, grid light, all kinds of lights, etc.

Outdoor lighting: landscape lights, road lights, solar lights, yard lights, street lights, garden lights, lawn lights, plant simulation lights, underwater lights;

Electrical accessories: intelligent switch, electrical appliances, wire and cable, tools, socket, plug, lamp holder, energy saving lamp, bulb, bulb, wax tail bulb, flashlight, T4 / T5 / T8 bracket, lighting accessories, light source accessories, hardware accessories, LED accessories, etc.